Modifications to the Skirt of a Tenor Pan

by Richard
(Gloucester, VA)

I have recently taken up steel pan and am taking lessons with a local fine and performing art school. After watching several pannists, I saw one guy playing with the pan at a steeper angle. I tried it using duct tape to hold it in place. I found that it is easier for me to play like this. My question is this, would it change the sound or damage the pan if I were to drill a hole near the base of the skirt below the low "C" note so that I can use a piece of string or nylon wire to hold the pan in place?

Thank you.
If you have a typical tenor pan then your pan straps should be near the notes "Eb" and "A". If they are, shifting the holes (and the straps) either above or below these positions will change the angle that the pans hangs. This is a much easier way of changing the angle of the pan. I would suggest you try this first before drilling holes in the skirt.

Drilling a hole in the skirt or the rim does not permanently affect the sound of the pan. However, it is possible that the vibrations caused by the drilling can affect the tuning slightly, so you may need to carry the pan to the tuner afterwards.

Good Luck!

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