Types of Steelbands
(Steel Drum Bands)

Conventional and Pan Round the Neck/Single Pan Bands

There are two main types of steelbands (steel drum bands)

Conventional Steelband

Pan Round the Neck/Single Pan Band

The instruments used in both bands sound the same and are made using the same method. They differ only in range, note placement and in the mobility of the instruments.

The instruments in pan round the neck bands/single pan bands can be played while hung around the neck of the player or while hung on stands.

But the instruments in conventional steelbands can only be played while hung on stands

The tenor (lead pan) is the only pan used in both conventional and pan round the neck bands/single pan bands.

Most steelbands are conventional bands but pan round the neck /single pan bands still have their place and can be just as enjoyable once their limitations are understood.

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