How To Care For Steel Pans
(Steel Drums)

It is relatively easy to protect and care steel pans (steel drums). The main thing to remember is they are fragile! A well cared steel pan can be played for years.

Here are a few more tips

Handle your instrument with care. Dropping your pan or dropping objects in the pan may cause it to go out of tune.

Keep your instrument clean. Use a soft cloth to wipe your pan before each use. Apply chrome polish to chrome plated pans especially when they have been exposed to moisture or shows signs of rust.

  • Store your instrument in a case or keep covered when not in use.
  • Avoid exposing your instrument to extreme temperatures as this can affect tuning.
  • Do not place any objects apart from pan sticks in the pan.
  • Contact a trained professional to tune or repair your instrument. Do not attempt to tune or repair the instrument yourself. Even though pans are made of metal, they can be damaged, sometimes permanently, if handled incorrectly.
  • Never rest frontline pans on their belly. The belly is the most fragile part of the pan! Rest the pan on its rim with the belly up if it is not in a case or hung on a stand.
Wrong way to rest a pan
Wrong way to rest a pan
Right way to rest a pan - belly up

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