How to Start a Steelband
(Steel Drum Band)

Starting a steelband (steel drum band) can seem overwhelming if you have never done it before.

Where do I get instruments? What kinds of pans should I get? What do I do with them when they arrive? The questions go on and on.

Steel pan makers can now be found all over the world and many of them also have online stores. From time to time instruments and accessories are also available on online auction sites such as eBay.

But before you purchase the instruments consider the following points

The type of steelband (Conventional or pan round the neck/ single pan band) 

The size of the steelband - which steel pans and how many to purchase 

The Layout of a steelband 

How to play the steel pan 

Buying steel pans accessories, scores and method books 

Tuning and maintaining steel pans (steel drums)

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