Playboys (With Polka Dot Pans)

by Mags

The 1960s was the heyday of steel pan in Jamaica. Steelbands were popping up all over Kingston (the capitol of Jamaica) especially at the University of the West Indies (Mona campus).

In 1967 the Irvine Hall Playboys was formed. Irvine Hall is one of the dorms at the university and the band was composed of residents of the dorm. They were one of the better and more popular bands on campus at the time. (Also one of the best dressed as seen in this old steelband photo)

In 1973, the Playboys merged with the other university steelbands to form U.W.I. Steel ('you-we-steel') and in 1977 U.W.I Steel changed its name to U.W.I. Panoridim Steel Orchestra.

Panoridim is now the oldest and one of the best steelbands in Jamaica thanks to the experience passed down through the generations by people like the Irvine Hall Playboys!

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