Other Steel Pan Competitions

Pan in the 21st Century, Pan Down Memory Lane
and Pan on the Move

Pan in the 21st Century

Pan in the 21st Century is one of the more recent additions to the conventional steelband Trinidadian calendar of competitions.

The inaugural competition took place in 1998 and has since become an annual event.

Bands perform arrangements of contemporary music from any musical genre except calypso and the arrangements must be different to that of a typical Panorama song.

This is to encourage a widening of the repertoire of the local steelbands and also to encourage new styles of arranging for steel pan.

Creativity and innovation in the arrangements are awarded points by the judges.

Pan Down Memory Lane

Pan Down Memory Lane is a competition specifically for single pan bands. It began in 1998 and is now an annual event.

Each band plays a non-calypso arrangement of a popular tune from the past not exceeding eight minutes in length.

Points are awarded for arrangement, general performance, tone/tuning and rhythm. It is sometimes combined with the Pan in the 21st Century competition.

Pan on the Move

Pan on the Move is an annual festival held in Port Fortin, Trinidad in April or May of each year.

Point Fortin was officially made a Borough on the 30th of April 1980. In order to honor this achievement and also to stimulate economic growth in the town, a series of activities are planned each year at on the anniversary.

The “Pan on the Move” festival is one of the main features of the celebration. As the name suggests, steelbands perform while in motion.

Steel pans are mounted on the backs of flatbed trucks which are then driven through the town while the bands perform calypsos or pop songs done to calypso rhythms.

It is open to conventional or single pan bands

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