New Types / Styles of Pans
(Steel Drums)

The Quaduet Steel Pan

The Quaduet is another invention of the legendary steel pan maker and tuner Elliot Mannette.

It is a four piece instrument whose range spans several existing steel pans. (Ab2 - F6). This wide range allows solo pannists to play music without running out of notes or having to transpose the music.

The pans are hung like a typical four cello and a single pair of specially designed sticks is used to play both the high and low notes.

The note placements of two front pans are the same as the standard double seconds pan which Mannette himself created in the 1960’s, while the back two pans contain the lower notes.

Source: Terry Joseph. “Ellie Mannette Invents New Pan For Soloists.” Sunday Express 4 June 2000:9 .Online. 14 June 2008.

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